We Warriors fight for Plunder!

As my family was getting ready for church one morning the following happened: The rooster started crowing at 4:45 am, our daughter woke up at 5 am (got her back to sleep), she wakes up at 6 am, while daughter is eating breakfast she poops all over her highchair, while cleaning and changing her, the wipes run out; daughter gets put in the bath, walk back into kitchen to clean the mess and low and behold the dog ate all the poo. I’m not making this up! Then a heated discussion entails because the whole scenario mentioned above was all on my husband as I was in the shower. Let me remind you this is a SUNDAY! God’s day where none of this is supposed to happen. It is supposed to be song and dance and praise the Lord! I truly believe that all the problems happened that morning because I had a short message that I had prepared for our volunteers that morning. The devil was attacking and I straight up told him—He’s not going to take my JOY! I will fight this battle and win! The funny thing is that morning prepared me for my word. I was actually talking about Joy and fighting a battle.

JOY is mentioned in the bible 182 times (NASV). It’s mentioned more than forgive (61 times), Grace (131 times), and Pray (109 times)(LINK). Those word are pretty important in the bible as well, however, JOY is mentioned more than each of those. You think maybe God is trying to tell us something? I began to research several verses and the one that spoke to me was Isaiah 9:3- “You have enlarged the nation and increased their JOY; they rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest, as warriors rejoice when dividing the plunder.” This verse was a prophecy about the spread of Christianity. The gospel will bring JOY during the dark times they had; a hopeful JOY that more people were going to be added to their nation of Christ. I thought about this verse that morning; this was a battle and I was to fight for my JOY. Think about the old days were men fought with their hands and all their might and when they were victorious they were able to split up all of their plunder that they had won. Think about the JOY in that! All the hard work, the fight, the battle, the tough stuff was worth it all for the animals, clothing, gold, etc. It was their reward! I thought of this in the way Jesus would see it through this verse. We are his warriors fighting for lost souls. We fight for those to meet Jesus and to accept them into a life with Christ (Mark 16:15). We rejoice in the “plunder” because we know their salvation has won them a place in eternity in heaven. We as Christians should reflect this JOY so that others feel welcome enough to explore what brings us this JOY. I began to wonder how we can present this to people entering our church. Then I found Romans 15:32 which says: “so that I may come to you in JOY by the will of God and find refreshing rest in your company.” This verse is about an apostle hoping to soon visit his friends. This is how I think we should be when we are welcoming new people into our church or basically anywhere we are! Allow them to find refreshing rest and JOY in the will of God. When we are out in our community we need to show the JOY of the Lord so that people want what we have. No matter what fight we may be fighting inside our life, there is a bigger fight that is bigger than the scenario we are in. So let’s put aside the things that can take away our JOY and focus on what is bigger than us!  Think of the time when we will be able to rejoice in heaven as we have fought the good fight and can celebrate the plunder!

Scripture Verse: Isaiah 9:3, Romans 15:32, Mark 16:15

Read: Isaiah 8 & 9: 1-7

Do: Are you volunteering in your local church? How can you show Christ’s JOY to others?chuch photo.jpegphoto cred: pexels

Fathom the Greatness

The song keeps coming to my head, “how great is our God, sing with me how great is our God” a song by Chris Tomlin. Have you ever sat down and really thought how GREAT our God really is? It brings me to tears to think of how great He really is! Sometimes we get so consumed with a good worship song or the routine of church, devos, etc. and we forget how wonderful, magnificent our God really is.  God is great no matter the circumstance. Even if we do not feel his presence or maybe we actually are in a blessed situation, He is GREAT!  Have you ever reflected on God’s capabilities? Psalms 145 talks about the many amazing things about our God. In verse 3 it says that there are no boundaries to His greatness. NO BOUNDARIES! Let that sink in a minute. In the same verse it says that he can never be praised enough. Have you praised him today?

Recently a lady shared with me a trial she went through with her daughter. Death was a factor in this situation (can you imagine!?). God encouraged her not by assuring her that her daughter was to live, but saying that his love for her is greater than the love she has for her daughter (if you have kids this love is hard to fathom). Our God loves us so much and yet sometimes we forget to take time to just praise HIM. It’s how we show him love! I encourage you to take time every day to thank God for his greatness. He does so many things for us yet we expect more. What would happen if we just thanked him with no strings attached? I can tell you, your relationship will become deeper with Him. I don’t think you could complain about that.

Scripture: Psalms 145: 3

Great is the Lord, and highly to be praised,
And His greatness is unsearchable. NASB

God is magnificent; he can never be praised enough.
There are no boundaries to his greatness. Message

 Read: Psalms 145

Do: Remind yourself to Thank God everyday just because. NO strings attached.


greatnessimage: pexels.com