Getting Through Your Season

raeJob 17:9

9“But principled people hold tight, keep a firm grip on life,

sure that their clean, pure hands will get stronger and stronger!” (MSG)


9 “Nevertheless the righteous will hold to his way,

And he who has clean hands will grow stronger and stronger.” (NASV)


As I’m sitting here waiting for my daughter to go back to sleep (its 3 am and she’s doing summersaults in bed), I began to think of how challenging it has been in the sleep department the past 6 months. We’ve tried literally everything to get this girl to sleep and after it all we still are challenged by her. There have been many nights of frustration which leads us to exhaustion. We then still get up day by day getting through. We stay motivated by love to care for this little lady. Some day she will grow up and change her world for the better. I’ve spent so many nights using the opportunity to pray as in the few times I’ve practiced anger those nights were longer and days were hard. When I choose to pray I’ve noticed a peaceful calm come over me and help me to provide the care to the little girl that God has blessed met with. Random people come to my mind and I say a prayer for them in the presence of the Lord leading me on what to pay for. I think of my situation and how blessed I am to have a little girl. Others so desire to have a little one and go to great lengths to have a baby. Yes, my lack of sleep and situation is very tough and the current moment I can only dream of getting more than 4 hours of sleep at a time. Some days I have to get off social media because people will post that their one month old slept through the night and blah blah blah. But you know what, EVERYONE is going through something. Everyone has something that is difficult for them. It may look different and it may be something that comes easy for you, so for me my difficulty right now is sleep for others it is something different. On Sunday our pastor talked about being a pitiful or powerful person. You can choose. So this morning I have a choice. I can get up with little sleep and go about my day complaining on how hard it was last night and how I got no sleep OR (there is always an “or” in our situations) I can go through work excited about my day and thanking Jesus for how blessed I am to have a cute little kiddo to snuggle at night. This is my season and I know it soon will pass into a different season. Do I choose to allow God to work in me for the greater good of his goal or do I allow my difficulties to get in the way of what God is doing in my life? I hope reading this allows you to determine how you can focus on a more God centered positive outlook. I encourage you when something gets difficult find the positive in it and pray that God will help you to focus on that. Pray in those moments on how great our God is. What he has blessed you with and how you soon will overcome this. We can be strong in our weak moments through God’s strength and that is where He wants us. He desires us to completely rely and trust in him. When we start to complain we allow our tempter to take a foothold. We allow sin and negative thoughts to creep in only creating a small seed to grow into an ugly tree.  I encourage you today to consider giving God praise for your current trial; know that everyone is going through something and your something is very important to God. It will only be for a season as change always comes so find what is good about where you are at and how you are fortunate with where you are. I’m thinking your life will change once you do.


Here’s to good nights sleep. If you are getting one…………enjoy it for me and know that I’m praying for you while I’m awake.  😊

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